Friday, May 15, 2009

Like Barack Obama said
WE MADE IT! WE SUCCEEDED!!! We actually flew to Washington D.C.!! Our trip was on May 4- May 8, 2009!! We all felt very proud of our accomplishment. It felt so great to be able to step out of the airplane and feel DC under our feet. Some of us were scared of flying! When we felt the plane move just one inch, some of us freaked out and asked the teachers what was happening. We had great times in all the museums that we visited. Even though the weather was rainy, we had a wonderful time because we were all prepared for action with our little umbrellas. Every thing was new and exciting in DC. We saw Senator Feinstein and Senator John McCain in the U.S. Capitol. We went on a tour with a informative and funny guide named Vernon. The meals were awesome and delicious. Thanks to everyone who helped us raise money for this trip of a lifetime!  And a special thanks to Paul and Gail for encouraging us to set this goal, work hard, and reach for our dreams!!!!

Friday, January 30, 2009

We are now PLANNING OUR TRIP!!!!

We have already reserved our hotel rooms, we are staying one block from the National Mall. Right now all the students have completed a sample itinerary so the teachers can know a little of what we are expecting. Currently we are working on researching the opening hours of all the museums and places we have chosen. We are researching the hours so we can make a final itinerary for all of us. The sad part is we cannot do everything we want to do!!!

Some of us are so excited for going to the Holocaust Museum. It is like the most important thing we want to see while we are there. Since we studied so much about World War 2 and the Holocaust, they want to see real life archives & exhibits.

All of us want to see Barack Obama… if possible! He is our first African American president, and he is like a hero to us. So we are planning ahead by asking our Representative (George Radanovich) to help us schedule a White House tour. We might also get to have breakfast with Diane Feinstein, one of our Senators.

It’s hard to believe we are really going to DC, in just THREE MONTHS!!!!

Monday, November 24, 2008

YPHS Raffle is finally OVER!

I’m so happy that we are done with the Raffle. We sold more that 1000 tickets... (actually we sold 1,107 tickets, and earned $1005 total!) Because of this we were already able to buy our air tickets to Washington DC. The great about it being over is that our teachers don’t have to tell us to sell tickets anymore. But without their incredible kindness, and endless support, we never would have made it this far!

Congratulations to the WINNERS:

Badger Pass Ski tickets

Tim Esquival

John Reynolds

Rosemary Macallum

A great Yosemite CD by Gail Dreifus

Holly Kuehn

Lauren Hamilton

Lee Stetson

Greg Magruder

Dave Curtis

Cameron Moore- Wawona Hotel dinner for two

Linda Jacobi- Ahwahnee Hotel-dinner for two

Allison Bown - $50 Gift Certificate

Mary Bayless- Mountain Room dinner, and a $50 gift certificate

Greg Magruder- A Christmas tree decoration, handmade by Julie

THANK YOU for supporting our School!!!

Airline Tickets! Such a deal!

We the students of Yosemite Park High School are so excited because we finally bought our airline tickets!!!!!!!! We were shocked by the price which was only 200 dollars round trip from San Francisco to Washington D.C. (who wouldn’t be happy by that great deal!) We already have our seats reserved and we're trying to get lots of window seats. We are so excited with window seats because we are really looking forward to seeeeeeeeeing the Mississippi River. Seeing the Grand Canyon from the air will be really crazy and cooooooool at the same time! Some of the students have not even flown on a airplane and they’re really nervous about it We just can't wait until we step in that airplane!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Financial Crisis Improving for YPHS

Today we counted more cash, and sent it upstairs to our wonderful secretary (Suzie) to deposit. We now have approximately $1347 earned towards our Washington DC trip! This is the total from all the bake sales, swimathon, raffle, and donation jars. Pretty good for just 4 students!!!

News of the Week

We had another recent bake sale at Sal's tacos. It went excellent! This time we had more baked goods, which was excellent. We made more money, about $40. At this rate we only have to do 92 more bake sales to get to $5000... LOL That's why our annoying teachers keep hustling us to sell more RAFFLE tickets!

We had a great time making those delicious cupcakes and brownies, even though we made brownies that were as hard as hockey pucks! WE had to throw those away, and make new ones.

Cupcakes and brownies sell the best, so next time we're planning to do more brownies and cupcakes. Our next bake sale will be October 23rd, Thursday, at Sal's Taco Night. If you wanna come, then come and buy a cupcake and some Raffle tickets!!!!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Excellent Bake Sale at Sal's Taco Night

Last night we prepared for selling baked goods at Sal's Taco Night.... We also sold lots of RAFFLE TICKETS. We sold all of our cupcakes, brownies, and odd-shaped cake chunks in only 30 minutes. Next time we will have much more food to sell.... YUM!!!!